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Carbon steel


We can provide our customers with cast carbon steel and alloy steel that meet the following standards.
And also we can provide all kinds of steel for special surposes and steel for special uses.
1. Carbon steel:
               Material:  ISO 3755-1991     200-400   230-450   270-480       
               ASTM A48-1994        415-205/(60-30)/J03000    450-240/(65-35)/J03101   485-250/(70-40)/J02501
               BS/3100-1987         A1    A2    A3
               DIN 1681-1985         GS-38(1.0416)  GS-45(1.0446)   GS-52(1.0552)    GS-60(1.0558)        
2. Low Alloy High strength steel:
               Material:  ASTM A487-1998      70    100     
               ASTM A148-1998     150-125
               DIN17182-1992        GS-16Mn5(1.1131)  GS-20Mn5(1.1120)  GS-8Mn7(1.5015)   
3. Heat Resistant casting steel:                    
              Material:       ISO/FDIS11973-1999      GX30CrSi7   GX40CrSi13  GX40CrSi17G    
              ASTM/ACI          HD(J93005)  HH(J93503)  HI(J94003)    
              BS        309C35    330C12     
              DIN           G-X40CrNiSi27-4(1.4823)   G-X40CrNiSi25-12(1.4837)   
4. welding steel:          
              Material:  ASTM      WCA(J02502) WCB(J03002) WCC(02503)   
              DIN17182-1985         GS-16Mn5(1.1131)       GS-20Mn5(1.1120)    
5. Wear Resistant High Manganese steel:        
              Material:  ASTM A128/A128M-1993      A(J91109)   B-1(J91119)   B-2(J91129)    
              ISO13521:1999(E)       GX120MnMo7-1  GX110MnMo13-1  GX100Mn13


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