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1. Grey iron castings:
    Material: ISO 185:1988(E)
         100   150   200   250   300
         ASTM A48-1994    No.20A  No.25A  No.30A  No.35A  No.40A
         EN1561:1997      EN-GJL-150   EN-GJL-200   EN-GJL-250  EN-GJL-300
         DIN 1691-1985     GG15    GG20    GG25    GG30
2.Ductile  Iron  Castings:
   Material: ISO 1083:1987(E)
             350-22     400-18     450-10 
          ASTM A536-1984 
             60-40-18     65-45-12     80-55-06 
             EN-CJS-400-15   EN-CJS-500-7   EN-CJS-600-3   EN-CJS-700-2 

3.Malleable  castings:
 Material:   Ferrite Malleable Iron  
             ISO 5922:1981(E)     B35-10      P45-06      P50-05 
             ASTM A47M-1990  22010       280M10      310M8      310M6 
      EN-GJMB-300-6    EN-GJMB-350-10   EN-GJMB-450-6 

4.   A.D.I castings:
           Material: ASTM A897
     Heat Treatment:   Isothermally-Quenched

5.    Abrasion-Resistant castings:
      Material:   ASTM A532M-1993      Ni-Cr-HC      Ni-Cr-LC     Ni-Cr-GB DIN1695-1981     G-X300NiMo3Mg(0.9610)    G-X260NiCr42(0.9620)  G-X300CrNiSi952(0.9630)
      BS6681:1986   1A      1B      1C
             2A      2B      2C


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